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Piexon JPX Pepper Gun with Black Frame and Integral Laser The Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Pepper Gun - Self Defence - Non Lethal - Quick reload - Wind wont effect it - glasses wont stop it. Pepper Guns · Pepper Spray · Stun Guns · Tasers · Home Products tagged “JPX Pepper Gun”. Showing all 4 results. Show sidebar. Filters. Sort by. Popularity. JPX 4 LE PEPPER GUN · FIRESTORM JPX 4 LE BLACK-Orange Pepper Gun · FIRESTORM JPX 4 LE BLACK Pepper Gun Bundle 5 · FIRESTORM JPX 4 LE BLACK Pepper Gun Bundle 4. Firestorm JPX 4 Shot LE Defender Yellow Pepper Gun with Laser The JPX 4 Shot pepper gun is a great personal self defense security solution that offers.

JPX 4 COMPACT PEPPER GUN · Shop By Price · Popular Brands. Why does a JPX cost significantly more than a traditional pepper spray? The JPX is a high-performance device with a much higher stopping and protective. Piexon has recently released a new version of their JPX 2 Pepper Spray Gun. The JPX 2 GE read more. FEATURES of the JPX JET PROTECTOR PEPPER PISTOL: · Most powerful hand-held OC delivery system · Accurate solution delivery · Launches high grade OC solution at. The new JPX Jet Protector fires a red hot pepper OC blast at a muzzle velocity of Miles per hour! Does not require a permit to carry! The JPX 2 Pepper Spray Gun has a patented propulsion system which launches a high-grade Oleoresin Capsicum pepper resin solution faster than any pepper spray. The FIRESTORM JPX 2 LE Pepper Spray Gun uses a replaceable magazine with two chambers of extremely hot pepper resin, and quickly snaps on the frame. The power. JPX2 Pepper Gun With Laser The Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires. JPX: The Mile Per Hour Pepper Spray · 󰤥 · 󰤦 6 · 󰤧 4. Last viewed on.

FIRESTORM JPX 6 PEPPER GUN PADDLE HOLSTER KYDEX RH. Brand New. (2). $ Free 2-Pack Firestorm JPX 2 LE Pepper Gun OC Cartridges BLUE EXP WITH UV DYE. It has a 2 shot magazine and includes a built-in laser. The JPX 2 can fire liquid pepper up to 23 feet at MPH from the nozzel. BEFORE FIRING YOUR JPX GUN. Our product line is very diverse offering a pepper gun for just about any situation. We are your source for less-lethal needs. We have several independent. PIEXON JPX 4 PEPPER SPRAY GUN. More videos on YouTube · JPX 4C-2 PEPPER SPRAY GUN ORANGE BLACK · JPX 4C-2 PEPPER SPRAY GUN ORANGE · FIRESTORM JPX 2 LE GEN II with BLACK. In the event of multiple attackers, the JPX can be fired further than 23 feet and it will instantly mist multiple assailants all at once making them think. The ultimate pepper gun for both law enforcement and security. The JPX 4 gives the user 4 separate shots of pepper spray at FPS from the nozzle and FPS. The JPX4 Defender is a waterproof, police grade, bad ass pepper spray gun. · 1 JPX 4 Shot Compact Gun without laser · 1 set of 4 OC Magazines · Gun Case. Popular Brands · Home · PIEXON JPX 2 Pepper Guns · JPX Accessories. JPX Accessories. 31yrzvqdwil-sl

Gift Certificates. JPX Pepper Gun: Mmm Spicy. 0. 2. Check out the latest article written by Trek in Recoil Concealment: Issue 4. The JPX 6 pepper gun is designed for less lethal self defense and holds 4 separate pepper spray canisiters that you can fire in less then five seconds. JPX 2 Pepper Spray Gun ✓ Features a patented propulsion system that launches pepper resin at fps. ✓ Uses OC oleoresin, the most effective inflammatory. Description The JPX 2 Pepper Gun is a pyrotechnically propelled pepper spray gun. It's not like regular pepper spray. The irritant comes out almost as a. Buy now the pepper spray gun for repelling animals, which is also freely available in Germany (Made in Switzerland). Information: Pepper Spray Gun Jet.

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