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Terminology, or term, a noun or compound word used in a specific context, in particular: Technical term, part of the specialized vocabulary of a particular field, specifically: Scientific terminology, terms used by scientists Contents 1 Law 2 Lengths of time 3 Mathematics and physics 4 Other uses 5 See also Law [ edit]. Collocations: termed the [theory, discovery, invention], a [short, long, half, full] term [in office, as president], [need, have] to hand in my term paper, more Forum discussions with the word (s) "term" in the title: a hip slang term a one-term - grammar a term of office Absolutely no long-term contract required Acceleration by one term. term, in logic, the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition (q.v.), or statement. Aristotle so used the Greek word horos (“limit”), apparently by an analogy between the terms of a proportion and those of a syllogism. Terminus is the Latin translation of this word, used, for example, by the 5th-century Roman philosopher Boethius.

Term life insurance guarantees payment of a stated death benefit to the insured's beneficiaries if the insured person dies during a specified term. · These. What Is a Term in Math? In algebra, an algebraic expression is formed by a term or a group of terms together. Term in math is defined as the values on which mathematical operations occur in an algebraic expression. Let’s understand with an example of term. Both 8x and 9 are terms of this algebraic expression. What Are the Factors of a Term? What are the different types of term policies? How much term life insurance coverage do you need? How a term life insurance policy works. It's a contract. At. Term life insurance Affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs. You'll receive a guaranteed death benefit for the term you choose, and your payments are. See definition of term on www.podvigrasy.ru noun description of a concept noun time period noun limit verb name something synonyms for term Compare Synonyms language name phrase style word appellation article caption denomination designation expression head indication locution moniker nomenclature terminology title vocable. What is included in a term life insurance policy? · A fixed death benefit that pays your beneficiary if you pass away during the term. · High coverage amounts. term, in logic, the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition (q.v.), or statement. Aristotle so used the Greek word horos (“limit”), apparently by an analogy between the terms of a proportion and those of a syllogism. Terminus is the Latin translation of this word, used, for example, by the 5th-century Roman philosopher Boethius. In mathematical logic, a term denotes a mathematical object while a formula denotes a mathematical fact. In particular, terms appear as components of a formula. This is analogous to natural language, where a noun phrase refers to an object and a whole sentence refers to a fact.

Generally, the shorter the term, the less expensive term coverage can be. While premiums remain level for the term period, they will rise if you decide to. Jan 17,  · term (third-person singular simple present terms, present participle terming, simple past and past participle termed) To phrase a certain way; to name or call. quotations Synonyms [ edit] describe as, designate, dub, name, refer to; see also Thesaurus:denominate Adjective [ edit] term (not comparable). Apr 8,  · Tera Term (rarely TeraTerm) is an open-source, free, software implemented, terminal emulator (communications) program. It emulates different types of computer terminals, from DEC VT to DEC. Term life insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance you can buy. Find out why term insurance might work for you. Term life insurance can be a great way to help protect your family's financial Transamerica offers several term life insurance policies suited just for you. term noun [C] (TIME) a period of time during which something lasts: Watson’s term as chairman expired last month. He served a prison term for robbery. This budget plan is good for the long . Term life insurance underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company can play a part in helping you protect your family's finances in your absence. You can typically get term coverage anywhere from 10 years to 30 years, although 20 years is the most common. At Legal & General America (LGA), we're one of the. When you're shopping for life insurance, you can choose from two basic types of policies: term life insurance or permanent life insurance. Help protect your loved ones if you are no longer here to provide for them with term life insurance from MetLife. Life insurers offer various forms of term plans and traditional life policies The premiums you pay for term insurance are lower at the earlier ages as.

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term 1 of 2 noun 1 as in tenure a fixed period of time during which a person holds a job or position elected for a two-year term as mayor Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance tenure stint tour . When exploring life insurance options, you may encounter the word "cash value." Term life policies do not build cash value. Your premiums go towards your payout. If you were to pass away unexpectedly, would your loved ones still be able to live the life you wanted for them? Term life insurance is a simple, flexible. With stable premiums and renewable coverage, whole life insurance is a smart Unlike term life insurance that protects you for only a specific duration. Learn more about term vs whole life insurance. Our guide explains their definitions, policy types, pros and cons, which is better for you, and FAQs. TERM is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. TERM - What does TERM stand for? The Free Dictionary. In Algebra a term is either a single number or variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together. Terms are separated by + or − signs, or sometimes by divide. See: Variable. Algebra - Definitions.
term. n. 1) in contracts or leases, a period of time, such as five years, in which a contract or lease is in force. 2) in contracts, a specified condition or proviso. 3) a period for which a court sits or a legislature is in session. 4) a word or phrase for something, as "tenancy" is . You can't put a dollar amount on your loved ones, but a term life insurance policy can help ensure their future is protected. Determine how much coverage you. Definitions of term noun a limited period of time “a prison term ” “he left school before the end of term ” see more noun the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent synonyms: full term see more verb name formally or designate with a term see more noun a word or expression used for some particular thing “he learned many medical terms ”. How do you ensure that your family will have a sufficient income after your death? Read this article to find out. Term life insurance is a simple, relatively inexpensive way to get life insurance coverage. If you die while your coverage is in force, your beneficiaries get. Term life insurance is a simple, affordable way to protect your loved ones for a specific period. The policy pays a benefit to your beneficiaries should you. FEGLI provides group term life insurance. In addition to the Basic, there are three forms of Optional insurance you can elect. You must have Basic.
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